Football in Vreden


During a trip to South Africa, Gerrit Beck visited the football club in Port Elizabeth and found out about youth work at the club. He then talked with the people at the club about the forthcoming World Cup 2010 in South Africa and how things were looking for the tournament.

Before he left, Gerrit Beck gave the club management a set of shirts from www.spvgg-vreden for a youth team, thanking them for the enjoyable and informative discussion. Wefapress is currently supporting www.spvgg-vreden as premium sponsor.


The B1 team of SpVgg Vreden on their way to South Africa

As Wefapress has already given a lot of support to the Glenville Celtic football club in Port Elizabeth, it was the next logical step for the youngsters from the Vreden Spielvereinigung to enjoy the unique opportunity to take part in a youth tournament in Port Elizabeth (South Africa).

In this way, the innovative and exemplary youth work of the SpVgg Vreden continues with the tremendous support of Wefapress as premium partner.

The entire SpVgg Vreden concept is based on providing sports training for children and young people, as well as on promoting their development in other areas. With participation in the tournament and the planned support program (including visiting an orphanage for children suffering from AIDS and a visit to the slums that is organised by the local church), the journey to South Africa offers the unique opportunity to bring together both aspects.

You can also help the sports cracks at SpVgg Vreden get to South Africa by making a donation to this ambitious project [should you have any questions, please contact Stefan Segbers ( - Spendenangelegenheiten) or Michael Kämer ( - Inhalt)]:


Ticona GmbH "Werk Ruhrchemie" invited all "Wefapress" interns to take part in an extensive works visit in Oberhausen. Together with their trainers and colleagues from the "Plast-R-us" company, 13 trainees from the office, plastic processing and maintenance areas set off for Oberhausen, where they were given a warm welcome by Dr. Rainer Walkenhorst. After a brief greeting, they were shown a PowerPoint presentation explaining the manufacture of the raw material PE-UHMW “ultra-high molecular weight low-pressure polyethylene” and this knowledge was then consolidated during a tour through the laboratories and production. In the production halls, they were particularly impressed with central production control for monitoring the entire production facilities and their subsequent visit to the various reactors and catalyzers. This invitation enabled Ticona to highlight its position as Wefapress’ most important supplier.


The unique pilot project was initiated in April 2007 in collaboration with the Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln on the basis of four key ideas: sports-related youth work, non-sporting youth development, PR work and sponsoring. The project aims to implement innovative training methods specially for children and young people and to encourage young club members to assume independent responsibilities within the club structures.

The project partnership initially focused on the infrastructure of the Hamaland Stadium and on the possibilities for improving and developing the support available to children and young people. The construction of new changing facilities, mini playing fields and a pitch with artificial turf, as well as new boarding, has further enhanced the club’s attractiveness. Today, we are proud to say that this is one of the largest youth departments in the Borken region. Other important elements have already been realized successfully as part of the project and are increasingly gaining in public awareness, and rightly so. For example, the Deutsche Patent- und Markenamt in Jena has recognized the logo “Starke Partner für die Jugend” as official word/design mark. In September 2008, the Spielvereinigung Vreden was awarded the Zukunftspreis des Fußball- und Leichtathletik-Verbandes Westfalen. By creating a position as part of a voluntary year of social service (FSJ), it has been possible to set up homework supervision for children and young people, and this is certainly a considerable achievement. Furthermore, continuous development in the field of health and addition prevention and a code of behavior drawn up in-house has attracted a great deal of attention from the executive board. As an absolute highlight, some young people traveled to South Africa, the host country for the next football World Cup, where they had an unforgettable time.

In future, in close cooperation with its trusted partners, the Spielvereinigung Vreden wants to continue to pursue further exciting and attractive plans. A Kids Club will open shortly and a playground will be built on the club’s grounds. We shall continue to support this project in our capacity as strong partner for young people.

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