Doctor blades

Wefapress manufactures plastic doctor blades in a wide variety of different profiles. These are used to clean the roller in the wire and press section and, in twin-wire presses, also as scraper, for example, in stock preparation or when handling rejects. Wefapress supplies doctors that have been cut to the machine width, as well as doctor blades available in rolls. Table of dimensions: Material ST 1000 / PS 1000 / Ceradur Colours + properties Logo colour black / white Material colour black / yellow / natural-coloured Thermal stability to max. 80°C Very good chemical resistance No moisture absorption Standard dimensions thickness mm 6.0 8.0 Width mm 50, 75, 100, 120 Special dimensions on request Continuous, individual length Single-sided / double-sided blade facet Bevel angle from 15° - 90° Milled recess, ridge or groove