Dewatering elements

Wefapress dewatering elements offer high wear resistance, outstanding surface quality and excellent gliding properties. This protects both the wires and the felts and ensures a longer service life than is the case with conventional PE1000. By contrast to other manufacturers, Wefapress only uses pressed/sintered material. As extruded material is not employed, it is possible to eliminate internal stress and achieve dimensional stability. Re-processed material does not find use in manufacturing, with the result that dewatering elements demonstrate a homogeneous density and uniform dewatering along the entire machine width. Minimal wear enables longer running times, as well as lower maintenance costs:

Wefapress products are key elements in consistently high-quality paper production.

- Very good sliding properties
- Protection of the wire
- Wear resistance
- Hydrolysis resistance
- Chemical resistance
- High impact strength

The outstanding suitability of these products for the paper machine sector is demonstrated in particular by their high resistance to wear, low coefficient of friction and constant dewatering characteristics across the entire machine width - ensured through the lack of internal stress.

- Stress-relieved internal structure in the sinter pressing process
- 10 meter-long workpieces without welds
- High precision thanks to CNC machines
- 11-spindle automatic profiling units
- Flexibility- Fulfillment of all customer requirements